Current: In Color

Michael Ferguson,  Rainy Lake , oil, 13x11 in.

Michael Ferguson, Rainy Lake, oil, 13x11 in.

May 17 through July 7, 2019

Color narrates the story of gallery artists' paintings and photographs in our "In Color" exhibition. Realist and stylized views emphasize landscape extremes.

Natural phenomena expand the realist's palette. Bright sunshine intensifies color: flowers and new green grass form broad expanses of color on canvas. Sky and land are transformed by sunset pink, orange, and bright yellow. Urban and suburban settings insert the surprising and unnatural into the natural with brightly painted walls and manufactured accents.

Optical effects from complementary colors make trees vibrate and backgrounds shimmer. Monochromatic studies accentuate atmosphere, and rainbow-colored abstractions create new realities.

Anne Ward, Sunlight on Lemons, oil, 30x30 in.

Anne Ward, Sunlight on Lemons, oil, 30x30 in.

Marcia Burtt Gallery