Shore to Summit

Marilee Krause, Scope, watercolor, 9x11 in.

July 12 through September 1, 2019

From a swath of wet sand, climb the tangle of trails to expansive overlooks, joining our artists as they capture journeys to the beach and mountains with realism, minimalism, and formal experimentation.

Emerging and disappearing paths through cropped trees along the Coast Range inspire us to imagine what is beyond the frame. The beauty, details, and clarity of realist paintings capture a specific moment and location but don't give away the whole story.

Experiments with textures and colors imply forests and rocky shores, while mountain ridges and ocean glimpses are distilled from simple lines and washes. Deconstructed landscapes reveal the properties of the materials that form both the paintings and terrain.

Marcia Burtt,  Camino Cielo, acrylic,  20×36 in.

Marcia Burtt, Camino Cielo, acrylic, 20×36 in.

Cynthia Stahl