Up Close: Patricia Doyle’s Voluntario

Patricia Doyle, Voluntario, acrylic, 5x9 ft.

A 5 ft. by 9 ft. commissioned painting, Voluntario captures a dynamic Santa Barbara coast on an expansive scale.

Doyle’s thinly layered acrylic washes are applied with big brushes. She uses her full arm to create parcels of color that match the scope of the canvas.

Detail of lower right corner.

The layers build up, creating depth and atmosphere. Ocean and blue sky emerge from the morning haze.

Detail of middle right half.

Segments imply changing light and color as the day progresses. Time lapses from morning to afternoon in a single, monumental frame.

Detail of bottom left half.

Lines streak and bolt from one area to the next, artifacts of the changing day, uniting the panorama.

Detail of upper left corner.

Detail of center, left to right.