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Contemporary landscape paintings

Gardens & Flowers
May 4 through June 24, 2018

ward-Summer garden-12x12 oil -1250.jpg

Gardens and Flowers

Fields of flowers, cultivated spaces, and cut flowers fill the gallery in our spring to summer exhibition, "Gardens and Flowers."

Coastal Influence

June 29 through August 19, 2018

carrington point fog, sta rosa is., 21x14, $1100, SB_1.jpg

About us

A beautiful garden gallery in downtown Santa Barbara, featuring contemporary landscape paintings and books. Representing Susan Petty, Marcia Burtt, Patricia Doyle, Robert Abbott, Marilee Krause, Ann Lofquist, Anne Ward, Ian Roberts, Jeff Yeomans, Randall David Tipton, Michael Ferguson, Marilyn Turtz, Dana Hooper, Erling Sjovold, and Bill Dewey.




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517 Laguna Street
Santa Barbara, CA, 93101
United States
805 962-5588 • Th–Su, 1-5