Current: Still Waters

Marcia Burtt, September Sky, acrylic, 16x12 in.

September 6 through November 10, 2019

Mirroring the surrounding landscape, these paintings of inland water give us a feeling of escape and introspection.

Lakes and ponds capture fallen foliage and colors of the sky, while a change in vantage point reveals a murky world of dark greens and browns. Smoothly blended brush strokesand washes let us look into the watery deep.

Retreating and overflowing creeks, rivers, and wetlands feed these momentary visions in oil or acrylic; short streaks and dabs of paint form the ripples and speckled colors of their dynamic surfaces.

Thick and thin paint application accentuates textures of grasses and reeds contrasting with smooth wet surfaces. Tactile pleasure in the mediums draw us close to the canvas and into these painted idylls.

Ian Roberts, Light on the Loing, oil, 24x30 in.

Michael Ferguson, Leaf Pool, acrylic, 25×33in.

Cynthia Stahl