Robert Abbott

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Recent Paintings

July 8 through August 21 – extended through Labor Day weekend, Sept 5, 2011

In his third show at Marcia Burtt Gallery, Robert Abbott will exhibit his passionate yet serene landscape paintings beginning July 8.

Abbott’s work embodies deep understanding and respect for nature. A farmer as well as a painter, Abbott sees powerful commonalities in his two professions.

”The most obvious similarity is that they both take a lot of time and neither makes much money.

“But more significant is that they are both occupations where we run head first into nature—where the works of man and God collide. Steel strikes stone, and sometimes there’s a spark.”

This spark is evident in Abbott’s paintings of our local Central California landscape. He does not romanticize, believing that “nature is good enough on her own without any help from us.” Instead, he explores via painting the complex relationship between man and nature.

The gallery will host a reception for the artist Friday evening, July 8 from 5:00 to 7:00. The exhibition runs through Sunday, August 21.

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Marcia Burtt Gallery