Priscilla Bender-Shore


Retrospective exhibition

October 11 thru November 23, 2014
Reception, Saturday, October 25
3–5, valet parking

Priscilla Bender-Shore has been a major force in figurative art since the late 1960s. This exhibition, drawn from her own collection, represents directions she pursued over the course of four decades.

She works with single and multiple figures, with sculpture and rock forms, and with imagery derived from art history. Structure and composition are the result of choices she makes while working, a process-oriented method.
Bender-Shore taught at Santa Barbara City College from 1971 to 1996. She influenced and mentored hundreds of students, many of whom work and exhibit in the Santa Barbara area today.

The art community has been embraced by her presence as an artist and art educator and by her generosity as a lecturer, juror, and curator.


Marcia Burtt Gallery