On Reflection

Marcia Burtt,  Magpies in the Puddle , acrylic, 10×18 in.

Marcia Burtt, Magpies in the Puddle, acrylic, 10×18 in.

March 21 through May 11

Marcia Burtt Studio downtown presents “On Reflection” —  water in all its forms: wetlands, creeks, waterfalls, sloughs, swamps, puddles, canals, still waters, waves, breakers, coastlines, reflections, foam, spindrift, virgas, rain clouds, mist, droplets.

This exhibition is both a celebration of our recent rains and a virtual rain dance to bring more our way.


Ray Strong,  Snow Stormclouds , oil, 24×36 in.

Ray Strong, Snow Stormclouds, oil, 24×36 in.

Marcia Burtt Gallery