Holiday Exhibition 2018

Randall David Tipton,  November Leaves,  watercolor ,  12x12 in.

Randall David Tipton, November Leaves, watercolor, 12x12 in.

Holiday Exhibition

November 30, 2018, through January 13, 2019

Grand vistas, intimate views, and botanical abstraction fill the gallery for our Holiday exhibition—an exploration of contemporary landscape art featuring our gallery painters and photographers.

New Randall David Tipton works on paper lead the viewer into forests formed from pools of color, tangled lines, and lightly textured layers. They are landscape mysteries to get lost in. 

You’ll need a second or third look to grasp the scale and subject matter of Bill Dewey's aerial photographs. Surprising shapes, colors, and textures make up works that balance abstract glory with minutely detailed reality.

Pamela Zwehl-Burke’s small gouaches give a taste of her large-works exhibition scheduled for January 2019. From studied observation, Zwehl-Burke creates compelling compositions whether working big or small.

Michael Ferguson, Robert Abbott, Dana Hooper, and Anne Ward balance between depth and flatness by emphasizing color, texture andpattern, reshaping our world through paint. 

Minimal washes of color combined with expressive line by Susan Petty, Marilee Krause, and Patricia Doyle engage the viewer to fill in what isn't there and to be excited by what is.

The realistic paintings of Marcia Burtt, Ann Lofquist, Ian Roberts, Marilyn Turtz, and Jeff Yeomans are windows to times and places we long to visit or see again: art inspired by experiencethat reaffirms our need for both.

Bill Dewey, Baja Tidal Channel, photograph, 16x16 in.

Bill Dewey, Baja Tidal Channel, photograph, 16x16 in.

Pamela Zwehl-Burke,  Mountainside from Cielo , gouache, 4.25x6.25 in.

Pamela Zwehl-Burke, Mountainside from Cielo, gouache, 4.25x6.25 in.

Marcia Burtt Gallery