Gardens and Flowers

Anne Ward,   Summer Garden  , oil, 12x12 in.

Anne Ward, Summer Garden, oil, 12x12 in.

May 4 through June 24, 2018

Fields of flowers, cultivated spaces, and cut flowers fill the gallery in our spring to summer exhibition, "Gardens and Flowers."

Close-up compositions create ornamental abundance, allowing the viewer to revel in the pure pleasure of vibrant paint strokes.

Garden paintings emphasize the contrast between the natural world and man-made spaces where border plants, brick walls, and rock embankments guide our view. 

Wildflower meadows—patches of gold, yellow and blue—are the original source of unconstrained beauty we attempt to recreate in our gardens and floral arrangements.

Patricia Doyle, S unflowers,  acrylic, 16x20 in.

Patricia Doyle, Sunflowers, acrylic, 16x20 in.

Marcia Burtt Gallery