Big Sky

Randall David Tipton,  Over the Sea , watermedia, 11×15 in

Randall David Tipton, Over the Sea, watermedia, 11×15 in

August 25 through September 24, 2017

Marcia Burtt Gallery paintings and photographs of our ever-changing shared space, an empire with no national borders—the sky.

Clouds dominate paintings by Susan Petty and Randall David Tipton. Slivers of land serve as fulcrums for the immensity of clouds bursting above.

Erling Sjovold and Marcia Burtt paint clouds cavorting in blue skies. Small cumulus wander through Sjovold’s idylls, bigger ones streak over Burtt’s ocean and shores; sometimes expanses of clear blue turn realist paintings into minimalist works.

In the atmospheric works of Marilee Krause and Michael Ferguson, haze and fog on the horizon disguise the border between land and sea, diffusing light and color.

A storm on the horizon moves in on Glenna Hartmann’s pastel painting, creating a narrative for what is to come on the bluff paths in the foreground.

Bill Dewey’s aerial photographs show weather and changes in light and shadow on our Channel Islands as seen from above.

Patricia Doyle captures the last light of the day through clouds over the Pacific.

Susan Petty,  Distant Virga , watercolor, 20×28 in.

Susan Petty, Distant Virga, watercolor, 20×28 in.