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October 7 through November 20, 2016

Marcia Burtt Gallery presents Backcountry, an exhibition of paintings exploring the mountains, trails, chaparral, and forests that lead us out of our everyday lives.


Light and shade on mountain peaks exploit the angles of rock meeting sky, contrasting with pillows of clouds or snow.
Desert mountains and mesas painted in stunning colors created from eons of erosion bring stark landscapes to life.

Descending, our painters wend their way through forests and groves, deliberating on details of vegetation and enveloping the viewer in this other world.

Paintings of foothills, meadows, and flatlands invite the viewer to roam fields of native grasses while overlapping hills prompt the question, “What lies beyond the canvas?”

Artists: Anne Ward, Marilyn Turtz, Randall David Tipton, Erling Sjovold, Ray Roberts, Ian Roberts, Susan Petty, Ann Lofquist, Marilee Krause, Michael Ferguson, Patricia Doyle, Marcia Burtt and Robert Abbott.

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Marcia Burtt Gallery