Anne Ward & Shadows and Light

Anne Ward,  Hydrangeas on Our New Table,  oil ,  24x20 in.

Anne Ward, Hydrangeas on Our New Table, oil, 24x20 in.

October 13 through November 25, 2018
Reception, Saturday,  October 13, 5-7 PM

Meditative still lifes and quiet landscapes permeate the gallery in our Anne Ward exhibition through November 25. 

Early morning and late afternoon sunshine illuminates and casts shadows on fruits and flowers harvested from Anne Ward's garden. Low light filters through glass vases, reflects on table tops and forms long shadows. Backlit flowers and leaves glow along the edges, while fruit slices appear lit from within.

Hints of noir thread through these California tableaux, but the sharp objects in Ward's paintings are there to cut flowers, slice lemon or a piece of cake. Light brings color to the subject and the shadows. The resulting images are evidence of the joy of nurture from nature, food, family and friends. 

"I’m fascinated by light and by the beauty of our garden. This group of paintings represents the quiet spaces between the noise, when I’m connected to the silence of things from the garden that inspire and uplift me. Nature and the beauty of gardens fill me with hope, wonder and awe. I find that beauty and silence are such stabilizing forces." –Anne Ward

Anne Ward,  Last Light, Ojai , oil, 14x14 in.

Anne Ward, Last Light, Ojai, oil, 14x14 in.


Susan Petty,  Substance and Shadow , graphite, 18x20 in.

Susan Petty, Substance and Shadow, graphite, 18x20 in.

Shadows and Light

October 13 through November 25, 2018

Accompanying our “Anne Ward” exhibition, are paintings and drawings that revel in nature's contrasts. Glaring light heightens colors; long shadows repeat forms and allude to what is beyond the canvas.

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