Jeff Yeomans

Jeff Yeomans is a native Californian, born in 1954 and raised in a family that encouraged his artistic pursuits. He was initially a muralist, illustrator, and graphic designer, and his art career includes a decade in public television as an award-winning art director.

Painting has become his preferred medium, and incorporating influences of both past and contemporary artists, he creates unique perspectives that capture glimpses of our daily experiences. A visual journal of light, color, and form, he explores the fragile beauty of California and the growth and connected urban landscape that impact it.

“As a regional painter, I feel a responsibility to document California today, in the same way the early California painters did in their era. I enjoy painting landscapes, especially when they increase our awareness of the value of open space and nature. I also hope that a study of an older neighborhood, of people working, or of Spanish dancers at a Southern California car show, all bring a respect to and celebrate the diversity of the region.”

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