Tipton "November Mayhem" oil on Yupo paper 14x11 in.

Artist Focus:

Randall David Tipton

Colors drip, pool, bead, and bleed in Randall David Tipton’s work, creating lush Abstract Expressionist forest worlds and vistas. Action, gesture, and bold color permeate these works, reflecting equally Tipton’s joy in experimenting with paint and his love of nature.

Randal David Tipton, Southeast Wyoming, watercolor on terraskin paper, 8.5x13.5 in.

Sky blues flood onto ochre and red terrain in Southeast Wyoming. Tipton’s use of stone and plastic substrate allows the paint to lie on the surface, creating molten paint effects. Layered colors create murky depths in bodies of water.

Randall David Tipton, The Flooded Trail 2, watermedia on Yupo paper, 14x11 in.

Thick brush strokes alternating with scraping away the paint reveal the artist’s hand and the colors underneath.

Randall David Tipton, Bryant Woods, November, watermedia on yupo paper, 14x11 in.

Tipton exploits traditional textured watercolor paper in Sauvie Island Landscape. Watercolor and gouache pigments disappear into the paper and overlay the trees, moving the grove into the distance.

Randall David Tipton, Sauvie Island Landscape, watermedia on paper, 18x18 in.

Randall David Tipton, Sauvie Island Landscape, detail.

tipton-Abstraction in Gray watermedia on Yupo 14x11 $425 .jpg

Tipton’s landscapes and methods are deconstructed even further in his abstract works. The joy of playing with paint--gestures of line, splotches, and washes capturing the atmosphere of a day’s walk through the woods--invest studio creations with lived experience.

Randall David Tipton’s work is also available for purchase and viewing at the gallery, 1-5pm Thursday through Sunday.