— Marilee Krause, “Inklings 5,” mixed media, 5.5×4.25 in.

May 19 through July 16, 2017

Marcia Burtt Gallery presents “Metamorphosis,” paintings and photographs that exemplify transformation.

Featured are works on paper by Marilee Krause, whose ephemeral landscapes record interstitial moments. Her style is being transformed as she uses a new medium: earlier works are in pastel and watercolor; new pieces are watercolor and ink or ink alone. Choices prompted by paring down are visible in recent paintings.

Erling Sjovold’s paintings combine both metaphor and literal change. Made with fragile local black sand during a trip to Iceland, both his paintings of slowly melting icebergs and the icebergs themselves are in a slow process of dissolution.

–Erling Sjovold, “Icebergs, Diptych, Glacial Lagoon, Iceland,” w/c & Iclandic black sand, 2 20×16 in.

Evidence of metamorphosis can be found in Susan Petty’s drawings of nests. Her intricate cross-hatched lines echo the beautifully woven structures built to hatch eggs. Minimal representation encourages the viewer to re-see the familiar.

–Susan Petty, “Nest I,” graphite, 10×11 in.

Rounding out the exhibition are paintings and photographs by gallery artists that relate to change through subject and medium, transforming our ways of seeing.



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