Michael Ferguson in Frye Museum exhibition

Michael Ferguson, “Rock vs Heather” 36 x36 in. acrylic on canvas, 1988. Frye Art Museum, Seattle, 1988.013

Look for Michael Ferguson’s painting in the Frye Museum’s exhibition:

Between the Frames: The Frye Art Museum Collection After 1952
APRIL 29 – JULY 23, 2017

Between the Frames explores the evolution of the Frye Art Museum’s collection, presenting sixty-five years of acquisitions in chronological sequence. The exhibition charts the Museum’s transformation from a personal selection of late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century art, cultivated by First Hill residents Charles and Emma Frye, to a museum of the twenty-first century dedicated to regional and international creative practice in its myriad forms. Situated between founding legacy and future vision, Between the Frames considers the ways institutions shape and are shaped by their collections.



Inspiring Anne Ward Workshop

Thanks to all of the participants in our two Anne Ward iPad workshops. It was a great introduction to using an iPad to do drawings and paintings using the Procreate app. Special thanks to Martin Shinn for taking these pictures. The rose is an sample of the work he did during the class. Impressive and inspiring.


Anne Ward. Photos by Martin Shinn

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New in the gallery: Randall David Tipton


We are now carrying unframed original works on paper by Randall David Tipton. Using  washes of watercolor, gouache and oil on yupo paper, his pieces flutter between cloudy depths and surface forms.

Oswego Lagoon Study

The Tipton pieces along with Susan Petty’s unframed watercolors, expand our gallery’s offerings for collecting original art on all budgets.

Meg Torbert Memorial gathering

Meg Torbert Memorial gathering

Meg Torbert 1912–2011

Memorial gathering at 2:00 p.m., Sunday, January 22
Marcia Burtt Gallery, 517 Laguna, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
If you can, please bring a painting by Meg to hang during the afternoon.


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New in the Gallery

New in the Gallery

Susan Petty, Winter Tree, watercolor, 15×16.5 in.

In addition to this framed watercolor, we now have  a selection of smaller unframed watercolors by Susan Petty.